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Individual Project Marketing Plan

Great news! You were just hired at (Choose a Large Company OR Create Your Own)! They are looking to expand their target market by partnering with a not-for-profit charity and have hired you as their marketing manager to come up with a complete Marketing Plan to raise money for the chosen charity and share the new partnership with existing customers and potential customers. You should start by researching your company and the chosen charity. DUE to Dr. NO LATER than Week #3 should be a brief statement of the company you have chosen, the charity you have chosen, and an explanation of why you believe these two companies to be a good fit. In addition, please attach your research of both companies. Submit this as a WORD document in CANVAS. The title should be “Individual Project Approval Request”. Once I have reviewed, I will then either approve your request or not approve your request. If I approve your request then you are free to move on with creating your project. If I do not approve your request, further steps will be given to you at that time.

I have listed some suggestions below to get you started. These are just suggestions, please do make sure you include all required components in your project. Please ask via email if you have any questions, I am happy to help. Good Luck!

Follow the steps below to get started creating your Marketing Plan:

Search online for large companies and local or national charities. Examine their websites, television advertisements, and any other form of marketing information that you can find. Explore what marketing techniques they are using. Explore why they may have chosen these techniques, and what are the pros and cons of using these techniques.
Create a strategy that provides details to your plan and how you will achieve these tasks. Think recipe fashion. Do not just provide an end result; explain how the result will be achieved.
Once you have collected the information necessary, you should start putting it all together in one cohesive word document that is APA formatted. The following are the MINIMUM components required within your marketing plan, this is not an ALL inclusive list, if you only do the MINIMUM, do not expect to receive an A on this project: Executive summary, 4 Ps of marketing, SWOT analysis, segmentation, sales forecasts, and the marketing strategy. APA formatting is required. Please check at the library or online for APA guidelines that are current. You can also find information on a marketing plan in your textbook on page 26 or an example of marketing plans online.
The marketing plan should be a MINIMUM of 10 pages long and should not exceed 20 pages and include all references used. References should be properly cited per APA guidelines in text and in the reference list. The title page, table of contents, references, appendix, or large images DO NOT count toward the 10 page minimum requirement. Again please note, only doing the MINIMUM will not earn you an A on this project.
You must submit your paper to the drop box NO LATER then the posted Due Date. If I do not receive a submission from you before or by the due date and time, you will receive a ZERO. LATE PROJECTS will NOT be accepted without extenuating circumstances, as this is a semester long project that should begin in week 1 or 2, not week 14.
Please be creative and have fun! Do not wait until the last minute to work on this. Please ask Dr if you have any questions or need additional assistance.

The two companies I have picked are Office Depot and Step up for Students