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Impediments to Technological Diffusion in Indigenous Communities

The subject Society Technology Indigenous People – Canada Rudi Volti identifies numerous factors which facilitate the successful diffusion of technological innovations throughout society (see chapter 5 The Diffusion of Technology).But Volti also directs our attention towards various factors which impede technological diffusion. In chapter 2, for example, Volti discusses the role of the Luddites in slowing the adoption of industrial technologies in Britain during the early years of the 19th Century (see pp. 26-29 for a discussion of the role played by special interest groups in resisting the diffusion of technology). In chapter 5 Volti discusses appropriate technology, essentially arguing that a technological artifact or process is unlikely to successfully diffuse throughout a society if it clashes with the basic cultural elements of the host society (see pp.89-92). For Assignment #2 you are asked to incorporate Voltis ideas about impediments to technological diffusion in a discussion of Canadas Indigenous peoples concerns regarding economic development and technological change. For information on Native concerns you are required to use the following online article: *National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO). 2008. Resource Extraction and Aboriginal Communities in Northern Canada: Cultural Considerations You can access PDF pages of this article in the uploaded pdf files. The above NAHO article is a required article in Module 4 As examples of actual cases in which technology has been resisted by Canadas Native people, please see the following online articles. You do NOT have to incorporate these articles into your essay. *Palframan, A. 2014. First Nations Resist Fuel and Mining Developments to Protect Us All. *Miller, J., A. MacDonald. 2012. Indigenous Peoples Get Last Word on Mines, Wall Street Journal, Mar. 26, 2012 You may wish to check-out the following 2 articles for a glimpse of the current economic circumstances of Indigenous communities in Northern Canada. You do NOT have to incorporate these articles into your essay. *The Canadian Encyclopedia. 2015 (last updated). Indigenous People: Economic Conditions. *The National Aboriginal Economic Development Board. 2015. The Aboriginal Economic Progress Report 2015. Your essay must be 4 pages in length (not including your title page and References page), use 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spacing, and 1 margins. You must provide a title page and a References page. Your submission must be in Word format (any other format will not be accepted). End