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Impact of Domestic Violence in Pregnancy

SUBJECT: CRIMINOLOGYDissertation, 9000 words. I have attached the research methodology which includes the examiners feedback at the bottom of the page such as changes that should be made and implemented when writing the dissertation. As I have not conducted the research physically for my study, writer will have to use imaginary data and create a questionnaire and analyse the data. Also a part of the research methodology is a Qualitative research design. Futhermore, the study must make reference to a hostel as part of recruiting and interviewing.I have also attached the grading criteria which should be followed to achieve the highest grade possible.Examiners feedback for research methodology:A pertinent and interesting theme, with evidence of good identification of relevant literature presented in the bibliographyThere is some good discussion of ethical issues, but this could have been expanded a bit given the very sensitive nature of the topic. For example, what will you do in the event of a safeguarding issue, or if the participants become distressed.I was not clear how you plan to access the participants? You make reference to a hostel. Is this how you will recruit?There is scope to develop your project’s focus more specifically – pregnancy and DV is quite broad. The aims needs some fine tuningDefinite potential here which will be fulfilled with a bit of development