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Throughout the semester, we have discussed numerous aspects of culture and for this final essay you will research, discuss, and argue the relationship between race and culture. For the Research Essay, you will write a thesis-driven essay about your chosen topic of a cultural and racial issue. You do not have to connect American culture to this final essay. You will construct this essay by utilizing sources that attempt to answer any of the research questions that you develop in class and/or list in your Proposal (which we will go over).

For your final writing assignment, you will write a thesis-driven argument using a minimum of seven scholarly sources:

In this essay, you will join a critical conversation surrounding the topic of your choosing. You will join the conversation by formulating a research question, finding out what is being said in the critical conversation in response to the question, and position your own argument on the issue. In order to formulate your own stance on the topic, you must research a variety of perspectives on that topic by using your critical thinking skills.
In this essay, you will make an analytical argument in response to your research question. This is not a book report. You are expected to think critically and independently about your topic. Researched academic essays should NOT be a mere compilation of sources; rather, the sources should be used to develop your own ideas on the topic. All papers should have an original thesis that enters into the conversation occurring about your chosen research question. Papers must use textual evidence to support their points and use the skills of quotation, summary, and paraphrase to work with sources.
Possible topics include: immigration, cultural borders, racial stereotypes, educational struggles and opportunities, language barriers and privileges, cultural and/or racial inequalities, gender inequalities, class and income inequalities, and so on. The possibilities with these topics are endless.