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immigration on the U.S. southern border

The paper will be 3-5 pages in length APA style DS – Cambria 12 font.

o The paper will have an introduction thesis statement/theme a section on the history of your topic (keep this section to 150-250 words)
at least ten data points such as net immigration per year in the US etc.
current status of the issues related to your topic major challenges or hurdles in solving any problems or achieving goals
– a conclusion that includes your main reasons for choosing the topic that you did.

o You will use no less than (4) sources that will include:
At least one book (you may use your textbook)
At least one reputable journal article
At least one website
At least one reputable magazine article

The PowerPoint presentation will be a minimum of 10 slides (does not include title slide and references slide). I do not want a series of slides that are text heavy and with little to no graphics.