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Identifying the gap between current process and the ideal

150-200 words Discussion Board Forum 4Topic: Value StreamWhat is the value stream? Describe in your response the concepts of value-added and non-value-added services.Informatics encompasses all of the tools and processes required to optimize the acquisition, storage and retrieval of healthcare information. Improving the processes involves the following: • Identifying the gap between current process and the ideal • Identifying the parts that need improvement • Determining how the team identifies the process elements that need improvement • Determining how to recognize when the process is improving. There are three types of measurement systems: 1. Structure 2. Process 3. Outcome. Performance measures must incorporate three characteristics: 1. They must be important 2. They must be scientifically sound 3. They must be feasible. There are a number of structure measures; e.g. nurse staffing ratios, number of beds, etc. Process measures fall into one of the following: Financial, Utilization, compliance, disease specific, and satisfaction with care. Outcome measures fall into two major categories: financial outcomes and clinical outcomes. Outcome data comes from several different sources, such as Microsystem data (data from individual firms of units), Medical record systems (Electronic medical records); Electronic health record systems, and clinical data for quality analysis.