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Identify the behaviors of the young whales and their pods during the time of capture from the ocean? Here are guiding questions that you can infuse in your essay. Directions: Be thorough when answering questions, apply concepts in the book to guide your final responses. Identify the behaviors of the young whales and their pods during the time of capture from the ocean? Identify the virtues, values, and traits of the workers who were tasked with the job of capturing the young whales? Describe what form of leadership you feel the employers received from upper management when they were tasked with carrying out their expectations? When the trainers was killed at Sealand and at Seaworld how did the leaders/management respond? Describe the environment that Tilikum lived in during his stay at Sealand in British Columbia? What is Maslows Hierarchy and how does his theory relate to the way the animals and trainers were treated? What do you think prevented the trainers from speaking up? There were several failures in leadership that transpired at Sealand and Seaworld, what were some of those failures? What were the pains in failure from the prospective of leadership? How did leadership and management remember the lessons learned from the failures? How did they learn, grow or evolve from the repeated failures? How could the trainers have used the Johari Window as a tool for self-awareness? How could the trainers or whale capturers have used mindfulness as suggested by Daniel Goleman to assist them with their frustrations or inner instincts about the expectations they needed to carry out? Learning from failure requires and builds character. What character breakdowns did you discover at Sealand and/or Seaworld in being the following character traits: vulnerable, authentic, integrity, accountability, courage, humility and compassion? Leadership involves 4 components describe your view of leadership through this lens on any form of leadership (Sealand, Seaworld, or Employer of the whale catchers. (1). process- interactive events that effect followers, (2). Influence how leaders affect others, (3). groups how leadership occurs within a group of people, (4) common goals leaders working towards achieving something. Have you ever experienced a situation where you were expected to do something that wasnt right but it was your job? What did you do? How did you handle the situation? Pick one situation from the documentary, the leader, trainer or whale capturer, what would you or could you do differently if placed in the same scenarios? If you battle with certain traits, what would you need to strengthen?