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Identify and discuss digital futures for events management.

Should you require any resources from the screenshots below please let me know I will get the information to youIndividual Report (4000 words) that critiques the event in a digital format that you have worked on; demonstrating an understanding of context, audience, delivery, impact, potential for improvement and considering your own CPD requirements (50%)Your group project evaluation strategy will be fundamentally important not only to the success of the actual event, as with any project, but also to this individual report. You will rely heavily on the monitoring and evaluation data gathered throughout the lifecycle of the project, from group formation onwards. You should include data gathered for internal and external evaluation purposes (i.e. team performance and marketing targets respectively).The report should include the following elements:Title Page (not included within word count)Including title of event, individual student name, student number, course and module codeContents Page (not included within word count)List of all heading and subheadings, including appendices, and all figures with corresponding page numberIntroduction (500 words)Brief outline of the structure of the report and an introduction to the event.Evaluation of Event Process (1750 words)This section should feature evaluation of both planning and delivery of the event, taking into account context, audience, delivery and impact.You should utilise further subheadings to detail key aspects of event evaluation, and make reference to and use of event management and event/project evaluation theoretical frameworks. It may be beneficial to clarify the intended outcomes of the event in the form of defined objectives before then utilising both quantitative and qualitative data to measure the relative achievement of those objectives.You should consider evaluation of finance, operations, safety, market response and overall strategy, plus measurable event impacts. It is also important that you are able to isolate and evaluate factors that contributed to the relative success/failure of the event and that you are also able to make recommendations for improvement.The section will also need to include reflection on how the group responded to the feedback from the pitch including demonstration of changes or improvements in the event design.Evaluation of Personal Performance (1250 words)You are encouraged to use 1st person reflection within this section. You should provide a structured account of your own performance over the course of the planning and implementation phases of the event, including your role within the group and your effectiveness. You should use the self-assessment documents that you complete for Assignments 1 and 2 to help in the creation of this project.You should explore the rationale for taking on that role and responsibilities. You should relate personal performance to theoretical frameworks that relate to reflection and self-evaluation and/or justified/referenced attributes of successful event managers. It is important that within the discussion you also appraise how you will enhance your future performance through identification of achievable and specific continuing professional development opportunities.Conclusion (500 words)Draw the work into a neat summary that highlights key aspects of the report and provide the key insights derived from the evaluation – think about what you want the reader to take away from your submission.Bibliography (not included within word count)Appendices (not included within word count)Any documents which you directly discuss within the main body of the work that may be important for the reader to refer to.This assignment is assessed against the following criteria:Application new knowledge and awareness of contemporary industry practice to a digital event.Identify and discuss digital futures for events management.Exhibit understanding of established techniques of research and enquiry in their application to Event Management