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IDEA // RTI // FBA // BIP: Processes, Roles & Responsibilities

The Education Law, IDEA, is specific about the model that undergrids the spirit and impetus of IDEA, specifically, Prevention and Intervention. This perspective highlights the understanding that addressing issues and problems students’ may experience is best accomplished by intervening with quality instruction (both academic and behavioral), prior to or as early as possible of the issue arising. This understanding is extended to ensure that all students achieve academically, as well as, behave and participate in society by exhibiting age and grade-appropriate behaviors.

Using what you gained from your Interview of School Psychologist, the Assigned Readings (Overton – Chapters 7 & 9) and Guest Lecture (April 15th), students are to author a well organized and informative document that details and describes:

The mandate, as per IDEA, regarding the three (3) Tier system of support;
What RtI suggests in relation to school behavior of students;
The processess (e.g., procedural and legal steps/requirements), roles and responsibilities (e.g. School principal, CSE and RtI Team, classroom/special education teacher), associated with Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Planning.
Range for this document 5 – 6 pages. This document must follow basic APA formatting (i.e., Double space, 11 – 12 size font, 1″ margins on all sides).