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Human rights in danger or disregarded in certain countries.

Cover & Title
Introduction & Conclusion
Analysis of your chosen topic
Analysis of course’s main themes (global justice and refugees; refugees and global media; OR global justice and media)

1. Global Justice and Human Rights:

1.1. International community concerning and identifying problems within a nation or a nation-states problems;

1.2. Stateless people and the idea of human rights;

1.3. Human rights in danger or disregarded in certain countries.

2. Refugee Crisis: Causes, Responses, and Solutions:
i) The UN success or failure in addressing the refugees crisis;
ii) International community response to hosting or eliminating the massive flow of refugees from a variety of continents and countries or one specific country;
iii) One specific countrys (such as Syria, Iran, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mexico, etc.) political crises, deepening economic transformation and the effects of climate change have a great number of refugees also based on problems such as war or local militia and terrorism control.

3. Refugees Settlement:
i) Host countries, such as Canada, must deal with refugees cost and financial fund, integration, assimilation and acculturation within local population or into the labour market;
ii) Host countries, such as Canada, have their economy effect, population acceptation;
iii) Refugees language barriers, financial problems, and cultural differences;

4. Asylum Seekers Journey: Borders, Camps and Refugee Status:
i) The UN role on carry on aid programs (shelter, health care, etc) in camps and borders;
ii) Countries have decided to change their domestic policies, create new walls and borders restrictions to stop the accelerate movement and take in of refugees;
iii) Refugees definition and status: new laws and policies around the world or in one specific country.
iv) High-Tech borders/walls, and camps for refugee surveillance and security control.

5. Global Media and Refugees:

i) Social media role in international politics, democracy and global justice;
ii) Social media role as a community-support, communication network, and a sense of belonging for refugees out-of-home;
iii) Global Media coverage of refugees and its impact on governments policies, surveillance, security, or triage process.