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Human Resources Management plan for a home renovation project

Follow the template and complete each section according to the instructions. Each section covers the following: Complete a Responsibility Assignment Matrix as described in your readings. Create a staffing plan that addresses the following: Names or job titles of assigned personnel. Number of man-hour per time unit (day, week, month) or work package. Create an organizational chart of your conceptual project that graphically displays reporting relationships. Finish the detail of your plan with the following: Risk assessment if unable to staff project as desired. Roles and responsibilities of each job position. Training requirements, if staff does not have the required skill sets. Your staff acquisition actions to staff internally first or to outsource based on availability of required skill sets. Create a Project Team Directory with Name, Title, and Contact Number. Assignment Requirements Ensure you use the Human Resources Plan template provided. You need to remove all instructions in green from the template and delete all examples prior to submitting your assignment.