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How you would get consent from participants and what you would do to protect their anonymity?

Please read the following scenarios below. For each one, taking into account all you have learned in this class, discuss the ethical
guidelines that each of the scenarios violate. Your paper will focus on how you could revise these scenarios as ethically conducted research endeavors. In other words, please identify how the scenarios can be modified so that they adhere to ethical guidelines in the field of psychology. Some general considerations to include are:
-How you would get consent from participants and what you would do to protect their anonymity?
-What is the level of risk involved in the research study? How would
you justify and minimize risk?
-How would you debrief the participants? Would they get a reward? If so, what would that reward be?
-Why do you think that reward is appropriate to the task?
Scenario I: A psychologist who conducts qualitative research on
social support and major life stresses is interested in how parents
cope with the death of a young child. He decides to research the use of Internet sources of support. Posing as a parent who has recently lost a child, he subscribes to several lists ervs and participates in discussions in several chat rooms. He prints postings and discussions for his data analyses and quotes from these transcripts in his publications. What ethical concerns exist? What additional issues arise if the psychologist harvests the lists, not as a participant, but by accessing archives?
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Scenario II: A local business is interested in making better decisions about which employees should be encouraged to pursue a career track in management. They ask a psychologist to administer and interpret personality tests that include measures of creativity, ego strength, and introversion/extroversion to a group of new employees.
Should he honor this request? What issues are raised if the
instruments used by the psychologist were developed using samples of white, middle-class men? What if the psychologist also is asked to administer an integrity test to evaluate each new employee?
Scenario III: A major corporation hires a psychologist who has
conducted applied research on cognitive errors that result from the way in which a message is presented. Some of her research suggests that consumer brand preferences can be manipulated by techniques that make listeners think they heard something other than what was actually said. The vice president for the marketing division, who is not trained in behavioral research, pressures her to incorporate her research findings in the design of a new marketing campaign. What ethical concerns exist?

Dont forget to include 4-6 references on the topic of ethics via
research from Touros library to help justify your arguments. In
writing your paper, DO NOT rewrite the scenarios in the paper. Please focus on how to modify the scenarios in order to match the ethical
guidelines for psychological research.