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How is the company structured? Is it structured based on products, business units, divisions, geography, etc.?

Review The Eight Ss of Successful Strategy Execution (Links to an external site.)by Higgins.
Strategy and purposes.Using the 8 Ss of Successful Strategy Execution, evaluate your current (or previous) employer. You can also evaluate your Capstone Company. Some of the elements may be difficult to find. Use your creativity to answer each of the questions below.
Strategy and purposes
What is the companys strategic intent?
What business is the firm in?
What is the firms major plan of action aimed at gaining a sustainable advantage over competitors?
What functional strategies give the company a competitive advantage?
Create the companys organizational chart
How is the company structured? Is it structured based on products, business units, divisions, geography, etc.?
How are decisions made? Is the organization centralized, decentralized, mechanistic, or organic in its decision-making?
Systems and processes
Describe the companys strategic planning systems, information systems, capital budgeting systems, reward systems and processes, quality control systems and processes, and performance measurement systems.
Go to (Links to an external site.). Read some of the articles. Prepare a one-page report detailing how Six Sigma could be used in your company.
Style (leadership/management)
Describe the consistent pattern of behavior exhibited by leaders/managers when relating to employees.
Does the prevalent leadership style support strategic performance or hinder it? Explain your answer.
How does the current workforce at your company support the strategy?
What special competencies and capabilities does the staff possess that help the company accomplish its mission?
What are the companys key resources that allow it to deliver its value proposition competitively and profitably?
Is the company utilizing its resources effectively and efficiently? What evidence do you have to support your answer?
Shared values
What shared values drive the culture in the company?
How does the company ensure that its core values are evident throughout its business practices?
Review Nehemiah 9-12
Answer the following questions:
What did wearing sackcloth and putting dust on ones face represent in those times? What are some modern day equivalents that are prevalent in our society? In a company?
How does this passage relate to the shared values and culture of a company?
Strategic performance
How well do the other seven Ss support the companys overall strategic performance?
What recommendations would you make to the management team at your company?