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how is human trafficking effecting people?

Paper should include an effective introduction of at least 6 sentences, with one of them being a thesis statement.
o You should begin you essay with a surprising statement about your topic. There is a sample introduction in this style on page 54.
Your thesis statement should clearly the main point of the essay and lay out a plan for the body paragraphs of the essay.
Your research paper should include AT LEAST four body paragraphs. These should focus on the main points of evidence you are providing. Each body paragraph should include an effective topic sentence and at least seven (7) supporting sentences.
Each body paragraphs should include at least one direct quote with a parenthetical citation.
o The direct quotes should be used to help support the evidence you have provided to support your claim.
Then, you should also include a conclusion of at least 6 sentences. You should conclude your research essay by reviewing your key points or restating your thesis.
Finally, you should include a Works Cited page.
o The Works Cited page should only include references for at least five (5) different sources of information.
o Your sources must include:
at least one book (ebook or print)
at least one journal article/essay from database (Issues & Controversies, etc.)
o Remaining sources can be:
Encyclopedia (generalized or specialized, but NOT Wikipedia)
Reliable Internet source (website, etc.)
o Review what the textbook says about Works Cited pages on 731-732.
o Remember, if a source is listed in the Works Cited page, it must be referenced within the essay.
o The Works Cited page must be submitted with the essay, not emailed or submitted separately. If not included with the essay, it will not be accepted.
MLA format should be used correctly throughout the paper.
Essay should be at least 5 full pages. Works Cited page is NOT included in this page count.