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How has globalization impacted nationalism?

Length of Paper· The paper will be about 1500 words (double spaced) long, no more, excluding the cover page and list of references. Include the ‘word count’ at the end of your concluding paragraph. Be concise and to the point. Include what is relevant to the main argument and leave out unnecessary detail or background information. (Note: The essence of writing a good paper is knowing not just what to include but what to exclude.)Format and Style· Students will follow proper writing guidelines of the college. They will use an APA (American Psychological Association) style of reference and be consistent throughout the paper.· Students will type their papers. (No handwritten papers are acceptable.) They will use standard size 12 font and keep 1” margins on all sides, include the page numbers, a cover page, in-text or parenthetical citations, a list of references, and staple the pages in the upper left-hand corner.· Note: No fancy cover or a binder is required. An ordinary cover page with all identifying information (such as the running head, title of the paper, name of the student, and college name) is required.· Students will write their paper with proper sentence structure so that the ideas expressed are clearly understood. They will not personalize their papers (e.g. I believe, I feel, etc.) and use any value laden or normative expressions such as “we all know” (feel, hope, believe, think, etc.), or conclude their paper with a judgmental overtone, such as “we are certain” or “absolutely wrong/right” or “we will overcome.”References· Students will include at least 8 major academic sources in their paper. These sources will be a combination of scholarly books and journal articles. While plenty of information is available on the web, most of it is not reliable. Students are strongly advised not to use any obscure internet resources. They will use reliable search engines such as ‘google scholar’ and ‘academic search premier’ on the net to find scholarly journal articles and other relevant information on their essay topic.· When students use any reliable website for reference purposes, they will provide a brief citation within the text and include the URL and the date of visit to the website in the reference section. No Wikipedia citations!Citing Sources· Students will include at least 15 citations from the references/sources they have chosen in their paper.· Whenever students use and/or copy the ideas or opinions written/expressed by others, they will use in-text or parenthetical citations. For paraphrased ideas, students will supply the last name of the author and year of publication. For direct quotations, a page number is also required.· Students will not use too many direct quotations.· Failure to follow these steps will result in a failing grade for the essay and will be considered as plagiarism. Consult the reference desk at the library and the writing centre at Capilano University for proper guidelines and valuable assistance in your quest for writing a good term paper.· It is highly recommended that students consult and refer to Guidelines for Academic Essays, available on the library and the department website.