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How does the public view juvenile capital punishment?

Write a 12-15 page summary of your research by combining the past eight assignments. (See Singleton & Straits, Chapter 17, pg. 568-581, on writing the report.) Motivate your research using your research question, literature review, sampling methods, variable operationalizations, include at least one figure and one table, and summarize the findings of your analysis. Be sure to comment on the generalizability of your findings. Your paper should include approximately 15-20 peer-reviewed, academic journal research articles and books. Bibliographies should conform to APA style of citation.
Papers with greater than 10% of recycled or matched content, as identified by T U R N I T I N, will not be accepted! Also, late papers will not be accepted!! I will request every week as 7 drafts in total, I will give instruction for each draft, you NEED to submit every week and get grade based on how well you did. You need to FOLLOW what I ask you to write. No late draft will be accepted!!!!

I need the first part tomorrow, which is half to one page long, I need you to Construct a theory about my topic, as it relates to your research question? Draw on theories from sociology, criminology, and psychology to inform your research topic. How would you explain the outcome(s) you are interested in testing?
You should describe the theory and how it applies to your research question and hypotheses. Ideally, the first paragraph would describe the theory, while the second and third paragraphs would connect your selected theory (or theories) to your research question and hypotheses.