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How does technology affect the economy?

Guided by your own formulated research question, you will craft a thesis based on that research, take a stance, and craft a well-supported and well-researched argument that joins the conversation of the issue/topic at hand while offering something new. This is a position paper, and should contain a well-researched and well-supported argument based on evidence from credible (but not necessarily scholarly) sources. You may integrate both primary and secondary sources (minimum 6, maximum 12) into your text in order to join the conversation of the topic and to support your argument, being sure to cite all sources accurately. I will give you some academic sources to use. Outside, biased and unscholarly (editorials, opinions, etc.) are welcome as long as it is credible and do NOT present these biases as facts; you may engage with the biased source (agree, disagree, etc.), or use cited facts and sources it presents, but be careful not to present other writers biases and opinions as factual support for your argument.