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“How does innovation stimulate change?”

Directions for Supplemental Material Forum:

Complete these steps for writing your initial post.

Step One: Find one (1) piece of current valid supplemental material (i.e. well-researched and referenced website, article, book, video, etc – not Wikipedia,,, blogs, opinion pieces, or any other similar non-valid site) relevant to the question: “How does innovation stimulate change?”

Step Two: Write your forum post so that it includes each of the following parts:

1) a link or attachment for the supplemental material that allows other students to access the material,

2) a brief summary of the material in your own words,

3) a discussion explaining why it is relevant to our week’s assigned readings – clearly integrate at least 1 sociological concept from this week’s chapters. Be sure that you identify, define (using our text) and apply the sociological concept, and give APA formatted cites and references for all materials used.

4) Use the material and what you learned from this week’s readings to answer the question: “How does innovation stimulate change?”