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How do sleep and exercise affect memory?

For this particular project, you will be drafting the introduction section for the research project we are doing together in class. You have already read and created an annotated bibliography with relevant research articles. Using those articles, you will explore our research question, which is: How do sleep and exercise affect memory? We have collected (or are collecting data) for this project in class. We are collecting data on the amount of sleep students get, how much time they spend exercising, and we are also doing a memory test. For this project, there are 3 specific hypotheses we will be testing. They are as follows: 1.) Students who get more sleep have better memory scores. 2.) Students who get more exercise have better memory scores. 3.) There is an interaction of sleep and exercise on memory scores. For this assignment, please craft both an introduction and methods section for our research project. The introduction section lays out memory as an important part of human functioning, identifies sleep and exercise as variables that affect memory, introduces the research question, reviews the relevant research, and culminates in the hypotheses. Your introduction should be 2-3 pages, double spaced. Please use APA style, including in-text citations, and a reference page (not included in the page count). Feel free to include other references beyond the 4 research articles given to you in order to craft your introduction or make your arguments. The methods section tells exactly how we collected our data, so that other researchers could replicate our study if they wished. It should be short; for this project, less than 1 page, double spaced. The methods section includes 3 subsections: Subjects, Measures, and Procedures. Start the methods section by telling what kind of research we are doing to test our hypothesis. Specifically, state that we are conducting a correlational study of the relationship between sleep, exercise, and memory. In the Subjects sub-section, clearly describe who was in the study, including the total number of participants, mean age, and the gender breakdown by percent. (Note, you will be able to fill this information in after we analyze the data, but if you need to upload your paper before then, leave asterisks in the place of the actual numbers on the peer review draft). In the Measures sub-section, clearly describe the survey questions that we used to measure each variable, and the memory test we used. In the Procedures sub-section, please clearly describe our data collection procedures. You will want to disclose that this data was collected as part of a class project, and describe how this was done. Note that the methods section tends to end abruptly. Thats ok.