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How do changes in life circumstances affect friendships?

The assignment is a Qualitative RESEARCH REPORT.You will be conducting a THEMATIC ANALYSIS using the data provided in attachments.You will be required to code two interview transcripts Shazia’s interview and Louise interview based on research question.THE TITLE OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH REPORT IS: FRIENDSHIP AMONG YOUNG PEOPLE.THE RESEARCH QUESTION IS : How do changes in life circumstances affect friendships?’You should keep this question in mind when completing this assessment and you will be conducting a THEMATIC ANALYSIS based on the research question.RESPECT FULL APA FORMAT:TITLE,REFERENCES , EVERYTHINGTHE STRUCTURE OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH REPORT IS IN the attachment named: QUALITATIVE REPORT TEMPLATESIZE OR LENGTH OF ASSESSMENT: 2,500 words +/- 10%. The word length only includes the qualitative report. It does not include your quote, writing in the appendices, referencesTHE DATA USED IN THIS REPORT IN IN ATTACHMENT named: Assessment_Study_Background_Information!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ PROPERLY ALL THE INFORMATION’S, ATTACHMENTS,RESPECT FULL APA FORMAT AND RESPECT THE STRUCTURE OF REPORT FUNDED IN QUALITATIVE REPORT TEMPLATE ATTACHMENT . THIS REPORT NEED TO BE OK FROM THE FIRST TIME. WE DON”T HAVE TIME TO REVISE.! PLEASE READ CAREFUL ALL THE ATTACHMENTS. ALL THE INFORMATION’S ARE THERE. You have also information’s about how to codding, about thematic analysis and everything.