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How did the Revolutionary War impact New Jerseys people?

Research and analysis –

1) How did the Revolutionary War impact New Jerseys people?
2) What were the consequences of suburbanization to twentieth century New Jersey?
3) In what ways have African Americans helped New Jersey live up to its potential as a free and diverse state?

Use at least two secondary and three primary sources to inform your response.
Newark Riots 1967, Black Power Resolution-1968, Outlawing discrimination in public housing, Appeals for Civil Rights 1947, Race and the Labor Movement 1923, Civil Rights Activism 1930s-40s, Report on Discrimination 1903, Paul Robesons Life, One Black Mans Life-1700s, Gradual Abolition Act 1804, Joel Garreau-Edge City, Housing Problems 1980s, The Suburban Trend Excerpt, Centinel_Of_Freedom__August_26_1873 Home in NJ, Environmental Policy Debate 1972

Hodges-Black New Jersey Ch3-SlaveryFreedom, beleagured city, Curvin-Black ghetto Politics since WWII, Price-The Struggle to Desegregate Newark, Crew-Black NJ before Civil War, Plainfield Burning, Adelberg Monmouth County Civil War, Commercial Architecture in Suburban NJ 1920-1970, New Jersey Municipal Madness Excerpts, Town Center to Shopping Center, Dispersing the Ghetto-after Mt. Laurel

Each prompt will have a separate folder on Blackboard that will feature pertinent readings. You do not need to conduct outside research in the library or online.

The goal is to write a cohesive response-not simply a succession of individual source analyses. Put the sources in conversation with one another to draw a larger conclusion about the topic.

In analyzing any source, keep the following in mind:
-Who wrote it, when, and where? If you can determine the authors age, race, gender, or any other aspects of their identity, how might these shape their viewpoint?

-Why do you think the author wrote the document? What was their motivation and their intended audience?

-What was going on in the country and world at the time this source was created? You should use the secondary sources or online textbook to inform your response.

-What do we learn about the time period from the source?

Some important points to consider:
-A good essay should have an argument that ties-together the writers main points

-A good introductory paragraph should establish the argument and lay out a road map indicating the papers structure and organization.

-Each paragraph should be structured around a main idea, clearly stated in a topic sentence.

-Paragraphs should proceed logically from one to the next, following a clear thematic or chronological order.

-While style will vary from student to student, the instructor expects final copies will be proof-read for typographical and grammatical errors

-To cite specific text from a source, borrowed words go inside quotes. You can follow each quote with a parenthetical citation giving the title of the source you used.

Example: Two samples of culture were sent to the New York Board of Health, (Typhoid Fever Outbreak Attributed to Street Paving).

-Students should refrain from writing quotes exceeding three lines. Students should aim for one to two quotes per paragraph. A good paper uses sources to support its argument; it does not simply string together long quotes.

-The instructor is willing to read rough drafts and address specific student concerns regarding writing.

– Try to avoid or limit the use of first person (I, me) as well as contractions (cant, wasnt).