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How did the principles outlined in the Declaration cause problems for the statesmen ofthe Early Republic in the years up to 1800?

AMH2010Research Paper AssignmentProfessor HolmgrenBackground and Definitions:Primary Source: An account or artifact from the actual time period in question (i.e. an actualdiary from the Civil War).Secondary Source: An analysis or interpretation of material by a party from a time period otherthan that in question (i.e. a book about the meaning and importance of Civil War diaries).Thesis Statement: A single statement expressing the intended purpose of the essay and theauthor’s argument.Research and Analysis:Read and analyze the transcription of the primary source the Declaration of Independence,available online at two additional secondary sources from academic, peer-reviewed resources, answer thefollowing questions regarding the early American republic:1) How were the grievances expressed in the Declaration shown in the development ofpowers within the new American nation?2) How did the principles outlined in the Declaration cause problems for the statesmen ofthe Early Republic in the years up to 1800?3) What were the successes of the Revolution and Early Republic with regard to thegrievances in the Declaration? Were they unqualified (complete) successes, or were therefailures in the process also?Essay Assignment:Write a 2.5-page essay analyzing the Declaration and placing it in the historical context of thenation it helped create. Submit the typed essay to the Blackboard drop box no later than EOD,February 15, 2020.• The essay should be based on the assigned primary source- The Declaration ofIndependence transcription from the National Archives link- and secondary sources of anacademic, peer-reviewed nature. These sources may be from either digital or printedmaterials, but MUST be of a peer-reviewed, academic nature.• ***NO citations from Wikipedia, YouTube, or other unverified resources or messageboards, NOR any analysis from Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlet willbe accepted. Validity of any source is subject to the instructor’s discretion*** Academicresources and assistance in navigating them is available at the IRSC libraries on multiplecampuses.• Lesson plans; general subject summaries; or teacher’s aide resources may not be used asSecondary Sources for this assignment.• The textbook may not be used as one of the Secondary Sources for this assignment• Other Founding Document transcriptions from the National Archives website (i.e. theBill of Rights; the Constitution; etc) may be used as Secondary Sources for thisassignment (these would be Primary Sources).• The paper should contain a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph• The paper should be approximately 2.5-pages in length. (Use default settings including12-point, Times New Roman font. No cover page needed)• Citations should be presented in footnote format at the bottom of each page• Use Chicago Style citations. See guide:• Include a bibliography/works cited page