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How can you use your learning from this course to become a better global citizen?

Guidelines for Final Reflection Essaywill be completed individually.
The purpose of this paper is for you to reflect on your learning experiences in this course and integrate your learning from all aspects of the course, including the assigned readings, weekly article reflection reports, class activities, and dialogue discussions.
Paper Requirements:
Length: The final paper should be 3-4 pages long (double-spaced), using 12-point Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins all around. 3-4 page limit excludes the title and reference page. Make sure to create a reference page at the end. Also include in-text citations.
Inclusion of Readings, Videos, Activities, and Slides: Please use readings, video excerpts, in-class activities, and slides to support, clarify, and contextualize your ideas. We want to see that you have not only read, watched, and understood assigned readings, slides, video excerpts but also thought about them in relation to your own experiences and learning in in-class and out side the class. A strong paper will incorporate at least 2 assigned articles, 2 watched video excerpts, 1-2 in-class activities, 2-3 key concepts in addition to the ones listed below. Link your overall discussion and reflections to class content as much as possible in your essay.
Grading Criteria:
Because students learn different things in different ways, there are no right or wrong answers to the guiding questions. Papers will be evaluated on content depth and quality not on ones opinions. A thoughtful, well-written paper will include:
Integrative, coherent and well-organized writing;
Specific examples and detailed descriptions of learning experiences that were important for you;
Reflections on your thought processes while you went through the course;
Analyses of your experiences and learning through the concepts of cultural relativism, making strange familiar and familiar strange (Nacirema Article and Activity) among others;
Clear and precise connections between slides, readings, video excerpts, concepts, and examples from class.
Guiding Questions:
Your paper should integrate your reflections on the questions into a comprehensive essay that reads coherently and smoothly rather than relying on a question-answer format.
Looking Back, Moving Forward
Looking ahead, how do you see yourself applying your learning to your life on campus and society at large? How can you use your learning from this course to become a better global citizen? Describe a specific situation in which you hope to apply these skills and/or where you have already begun to apply these skills outside of class.