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Given the breadth of approaches available within the informal research essay construct,even a seemingly boring topic can yield interesting and surprising results. Use your intellectual creativity to Identify and develop an interesting andintriguing perspective within a seemingly boring topic..
-Your paper should not be about your general topic itself, but rather a specific interpretation or application of something specific within your general topic relative to your name-level focus.
Be sure that everything in your paper is relevant to your name-level focus, and that this relevance is clearly established.
Your paper is developed logically, systematically, and purposefully. Consider notonly what your readers need to know, but also when they need to know it. Ensurethat your paper is dynamic, moving from one intellectual place to another.
Be sure to compose an effective opening and closing.
Be sure that have written an essay and not a report. Readers should learn something from your paper that they could not look up for themselves.