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Hit by a Bus

Hit by a Bus Appropriate, precise, accurate and thorough documentation of the steps taken to achieve results so that they are consistent and repeatable by others is the corner stone of any technical activity from baking to performing surgery to creating software. As a software engineer, a large portion of your responsibility will involve your ability to create software documentation that another engineer could look at and follow to achieve the same results in your absence as you have been hit by a bus. Using a combination of screen shots and text directions (arrows, colors etc. where necessary), create documentation for two (2) of the TestOut labs: Week 4 User Management Rename a User Account Week 8 Configure IP Addresses Keep in mind that your goal is to create something that is: Appropriate documenting steps that are useful Precise documenting the exact commands that you have performed Accurate documenting the correct way of doing it Thorough documenting all of the steps that you have taken to complete the lab Grammatically Correct