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Historical Events Affect on 3 American Music Genres

The book used for this class is attached.The chapter for this module is chapter eighteen.Glossary of important terms are included. Please incorporate a couple with the appropriate genre of music.The course is almost over. Looking back over what you have learned, write an essay about how particular historical EVENTS affected the development of three different genres of music in the United States. A genre to be discussed would be something specific, like blues, jazz, folk, corridos or salsa. Don’t use broad categories like African American, or Anglo American music.For example, your text (p. 128) discusses how “the increased interaction of the Creoles of Color with the emancipated slaves following the Civil War” as segregation and prejudice grew and Jim Crow laws were imposed, affected the development of jazz in New Orleans by mixing the virtuosity of the Creoles with the rhythmic and improvisational characteristics of the African-American music that existed at that time. Find at least three other examples like this to discuss in your essay.Your paper should include an introductory paragraph, 3 or 4 paragraphs about the genres you have selected (tying the development of the music to specific events), and a concluding paragraph.GradingA 10 point essay will be on topic, and will use good form, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.Here is how points will be assigned:Introductory Paragraph – 1 pointDiscussion of three specific events and how they affected a particular genre of music:1. 2 points2. 2 points3. 2 pointsConcluding Paragraph – 2 pointsGood form, spelling, punctuation, and grammar – 1 point