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historical development of racial and ethnic inequality in the United States.

American history is replete with many types and instances of racial inequality endured by various ethnic and racial groups. From the colonial era to the contemporary era, African Americans, some European immigrants, Latinos/as, Asian Americans, and Native Americans have experienced different forms racial exclusion, violence, economic and land dispossession, among other forms of ethnic and racial injustice. Write an essay which offers a comparative-historical analysis of racial and ethnic inequality in the United States. Your task is to examine racial and ethnic inequalities in **two** distinct time periods (as covered in the various chapters in Ronald H. Bayors book Race and Ethnicity in America: A Concise History (2003) by focusing on the experiences of **two** different ethnic or racial populations. Your essay should be comparative and offer in-depth coverage from course readings and lectures. As part of your analysis, make sure to: