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Historical Analysis of Jesus Christ

The task is to carry out a work on the figure of Jesus Christ from the point of view of historical analysis and all traceable sources to corroborate the historical existence of Jesus directly and indirectly, as well as a reflexive and conclusive analysis of each of them, its authenticity, reliability, criticism, etc. (Each of them must be cited and explained in detail in depth, for example and among others that of Flavio Josefo, Tacitus, Pliny, etc.)It must contain at least one 1) cover, 2) the development of the theme (with illustrative images, be careful with this point so as not to increase the size of the file to be delivered too much) and 3) final conclusion as a reflective essay of the entire study The most important thing to evaluate will be the diversity of sources investigated, the reflective content in their analysis and the foundations used for it.