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Healthcare Outcomes

These activities focus on the concept of healthcare outcomes and quality improvement. It can be referenced in Huber chapter 19 and ATI chapter 1.
By the end of this assignment, students will be able to:
Define key terms related to outcomes research and outcomes management.
Discuss the relevance of research findings for outcomes management.
Describe tools that a nurse can use in a quality improvement activity.
Describe current and future trends in the health care system relevant to nurse leaders responsibilities regarding health outcomes.
Discuss steps involved in outcomes management in clinical practice.

Activity One
1. Visit the AHRQ website ( Select a topic under the Health Care Information tab, and read an article for clinicians and providers.
2. Provide a brief overview of the article.
3. Identify the outcomes measured in the study as either patient-focused, provider-focused, or organization-focused outcome indicators, and justify your reason for the identification, i.e. provide a definition of the indicator.
4. Describe how research findings were used to identify the outcome indicators.
4. Discuss two (2) ways a nursing leader can impact or promote positive outcomes for the indicators chosen in the article.
5. Be sure to cite the article using current APA guidelines (which should include a doi link).

Activity Two
You have been recently promoted to Nurse Manager of a busy, medical unit, which experiences rapid patient turnover. One of your first goals is to address patient safety issues on the unit. Read the article, The National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) on the ANA website ( Describe the purpose of the NDNQI and how you, as a nursing leader, could use the NDNQI to address and facilitate positive patient outcomes on your unit.

Activity Three

You are the new Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) of a rural health care provider practice in the Southeast. You have been appointed to lead a multidisciplinary committee whose goal is to develop and achieve a stroke center of excellence within the organization. One of the first steps the committee takes is to research current outcomes and to develop outcomes measurement indicators within the practice. Using your assigned texts and a credible, external source, discuss specific patient-focused, provider-focused, and organization-focused outcome indicators (one each) that the committee can use to measure their achievement of national stroke certification.