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Harriet Tubman Movie Analyses

THIS IS A MOVIE Analysis ESSAY! Analyze the poem titled, “Let America Be Great Again.” In the essay, please include the literary terms “motivation, dramatic monologue, and Tragedy.” Include how the poem and movie illustrates and relates to those terms, and how the poem and movie relates to psychoanalytic criticism. Chose a total of six articles. One article written specifically by Sigmund Freud and the other five articles should be by five other people who write about Sigmund Freud theory of psychoanalytic criticism. But it has to be six different articles by six different people. I have attached the rubric for this assignment, along with a copy of the tutors response from the writing lab at my school. Please fix all corrections that the tutor mentioned in the response, and only focus on a specific scene of the movie, studying the details and address elements of movies, such as lighting and sound etc. I have also attached a copy of the original essay that needs to be rewritten. You do not need to analyze the entire film. Also, the essay has to be in third-person.

Down below is the link to the movie I have chosen.