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Gun control and laws

Task: Compose an argumentative research paper on a social issue.
Audience: Determine a specific audience.
Purpose: Your purpose is to persuade your reader. You will attempt to change your readers mind, gain his or her respect, and guide him or her to action.
Procedure: Think about the subject about which you would like to write. Begin gathering research. Compose four annotated bibliographies. You should use at least one primary source (original documents, etc.) and five secondary sources (articles from databases) in your paper to support your argument. Dont forget to listen to the other side of the argument as you read. Include opposing points and argue them away. Remember, this helps build your credibility. Read! Read! Begin writing notes to get started. Make a list of questions concerning your topic. Freewrite, brainstorm, cluster, etc. After prewriting, begin organizing the drafting of your paper. Finally, read critically. Look for errors in logic and edit according to your needs.
Format: APA (American Psychological Association). This includes a cover page, internal documentation, running header, headings, and a reference page in APA style. Typed 12 pt, 8-10 pages.

Beginning (2-3 pages): Begin with a strong lead and background information on your topic. Include definitions for terms. Discuss why this topic is controversial. In other words, why does it even matter? Placement of your thesis/claim statement will come at the end of your last introductory paragraph. Remember to take a position.
Middle (4-5 pages): This is where you will make your case. Your middle will consist of several paragraphs that discuss your reasons. Dont forget to include opposing opinions, examples, primary and secondary research, and expert testimony.
Social Action Plan (1-2 pages): Finally, incorporate your social action plan into the last section of your argument, immediately before your concluding paragraphs.
End (1-2 pages): Sum it up. After you have presented all your evidence, you should pull your entire argument together by showing that the evidence you provided clearly indicates that the reader should side with you.