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Glen Mount Furniture Company ( Financial Leverage)

Glen Mount Furniture Company Financial Leverage
Your case should follow APA guidelines as closely as possible and should be completely free of tense, spelling, indentation, grammar, paragraph, etc. errors.
I will be using Turnitin to grade your paper, and any plagiarism will be an automatic failure on the project.
The case should begin with a one-page introduction which summarizes the subject matter of the case. For example, if you were doing a case on bond refunding, you might talk about what the concept of bond refunding is, why and when a company would refund a bond issue, and what their final decision criterion would be in deciding whether or not to refund. This section must contain at least two references; one of these should be your textbook.
Next, you should begin the specific case analysis by summarizing (one or two paragraphs) the issue faced by your company in the case. Finally, number, paraphrase each question in bold, and then provide answers to all of the case questions. All computations must be contained in an excel spreadsheet/appendix to which the body of your case refers. Computations without excel formula backup receive no credit.
You may provide some summary at the end, but the cases all contain a question requiring your conclusions and responding to that is sufficient.