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General Electric Company

Assignment Instructions:Write a 7 page paper (not including title page or reference page) in which you analyze the concept of teamwork in a given organization.Select the following organizations as the basis of this assignment:o General Electric CompanyHere’s what I’m looking for:Describe your selected organization, including the organization’s history, mission and values. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THIS FROM THEIR WEBSITEAnalyze how the leadership of the organization and IF it creates an environment of teamworkAnalyze the effects of organizational culture on the organization’s workforce and discuss if it promotes teamwork.Discuss any suggestions you may have for the organization to promote teamwork, based on your observations.Include at least five peer-reviewed references. No Wikipedia and no dictionaries.Format Your paper MUST be in APA. You can use ONE quote in your paper but not more. I want to see original writing. I am OK with you writing in first person. All assignments are checked for plagiarism the moment you upload to the assignments area.