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Fundamentals of Multimedia

Have a welll understanding and experience on how to use the two applications, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop. For after effects please save every 5 mins because it could crash as it has done to me. For this assignment, you are required to put together the storyboards together and give some animation to create an animatic. 1. Separate the storyboard elements using photoshop. 2. Bring them into After Effects to create animation 3. Submit the photoshop file with elements in layers (.psd) 4. Submit the after effects project folder that contains the resources and the .aep file. 5. Render the video in H264 format and submit (.mp4) Animatic rubric *Breaking the storyboard apart Have you used Photoshop to break the elements from the storyboard to use for animation? *Animation Have you created necessary animation for main and background elements to convey the story? *Render Have you rendered the video output using H.264 format and provided the MP4 file? *Flow Have you put all the different scenes together to create a seamless video that conveys the narrative and the duration of the final project? *Organization Are your photoshop and after effects file neatly organized shit by shot with group and layer names? There is also a an animatic tutorial sample of the video of how to do the assignment. Please watch full video in google drive. To gain access go to It will then lead you to a page of two boxes one says MyFAU and on the bottom the second says Guest. Please click MyFAU it will then send you to login Then it will lead you to a box that says multi factor authentication ignore that and on the bottom of the page click a blue box that says FINISH LATER, CONTINUE TO LOGIN> Then it will lead you to a page that has many boxes such as FAU self-service, another box My info, canvas, etc. if you see those boxes just scroll all the way down to where you see GOOGLE DRIVE click on google drive once you are in google drive you would have The tutorial for creating animatic has been uploaded in the class google drive Shared Drive > Fundamentals of Multimedia > Resources. And the video you should be there. I will uploading in image of the story board and thats what the story animate is about. Storyboard Basically the story starts off with a frog on a lillypad . A fly then flies pass the frog. The frog starts to chase after the fly jumping from lillypad to lillypad. Out of nowhere a fish jumps out from the water and eats the fly. A second fly then flies pass the frog, and the frog then chases after the fly as it continues the fly then gets stuck in a spiderweb. The frog doesnt get the fly and proceeds on. A third fly then flies by the frog and the frog starts chasing it, and out of nowhere a long tongue grabs the fly. It ends up being second frog. The second frog hops away and the first main from follows it. As the main frog is following the second from a big bird comes and takes away the first main frog. The end. Once finished with the assignment please send a link that will Lead me to the google drive where I am able to download the assignments in to the applications