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Financial Communication

Present an executive summary that provides an overview of your papers findings.
Describe the companys line of business, its industry, main product lines, and major competitors.
Present a three-year high-level summary of the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows for the last three fiscal years using the templates shown below. Do not include the full financial statements in the body of your paper. Discuss the key results over the last three years. Please get inside the numbers and provide in-depth explanations of the:
Income Statement Numbers and a brief comment about the activity
Balance Sheet Numbers and a brief comment about the activity
Statement of Cash Flows – Numbers and a brief comment about the activity
Present a key ratio analysis from the most recent year to explain what caused the improvement or weakening of the ratios. Create five summary schedules, one for each ratio category, presenting four to five ratios for each category.
Liquidity (Solvency) ratios
Efficiency ratios
Debt ratios
Profitability ratios
Market value ratios
The analysis should not be simply a list of ratios; it needs to include comments that say that the ratio increased or decreased and it should try to highlight why the trends are what they are your analysis should get inside the numbers. Do not define the ratios.
Present a discussion about the companys three to five-year stock history. Ideally, you should include a chart that you can find on the internet (cite your reference). Then discuss the stock price performance. You should include a summary table that displays the year-end stock prices for the last three fiscal years. Yahoo finance has stock history charts. Example: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company.
Highlight any other key information from the annual report that you think the users of the annual report may find important, such as forward-looking information.
You will present your findings to the Board of Directors and the shareholders at the annual shareholders meeting. The shareholders meeting will be conducted live and broadcast to the shareholders who cannot attend in person. Members of the financial press will be in attendance either in person or watching the video presentation. Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your paper including a video presentation. This presentation can include an automated PowerPoint presentation with audio presentation. However, you must include a visual element for your project so that those shareholders who are not attending in person can view the presentation as well. You do not have to include the live feed of the presentation but you do have to include a recording with audio.