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Female Adolscents Self Esteem

No abstract
Adequate research (studies, data, statistics) provided regarding topic that supports the importance of selected topic
10 peer-reviewed articles relating to your topic are included
Clarity of paper (paper is coherent, logically written, and ideas are clearly presented
Grammar/2 points: Paper is at least 8-10 pages
Proper APA format
Works Cited and Cover page included:
Selected topic is clearly defined and explained
Clear explanation of how selected topic is relevant to HDFS 412
Introduction section is included
Identify and define the selected research topic
Explain why this topic merits discussion, attention, additional research
Discussion section is included
Based upon your research, what were your findings for the selected topic?
Why are these findings important?
Are there any limitations to your paper?
What are suggestions for further research?
Implications section is included
How is this topic relevant to adolescence?
How is this topic relevant to public policy?
What public policy is available relating to this topic?
Is more advocacy/public policy needed relating to this topic