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Starting with chapter 3 in the book, we are taken through the brain and its cognitive development and information-processing view than followed by the other chapters, which include the development of self, gender, sexuality, morals and values, families, peers and all that entails, and ending on chapter 13 with problems in adolescence and emerging adulthood. For the research paper, you are to choose a topic from the sub-categories list in chapter 3 to chapter 13 (for example chapter 4 subcategory The Self) and expand on the information by compiling research data that you find on this sub-category. Choose a topic of interest to you concerning Adolescent Psychology. After you have submitted the topic to me and it has been approved, you will do a brief literature review on the topic (5 references in addition to your text book). The references should be professional books and/or professional journal articles (if you are not sure if the source you have chosen is acceptable, please ask).