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Factors Task 3 Choosen Country: Colombia

You are to create an International Marketing Report on your chosen country by answering the following questions. Copy and paste the question into your document and then follow with your answer.

Remember to cite your sources.

Consumer Profile: Prepare a consumer profile of your country. Research the following:
the number of males and females in a number of age groupings;
the per capita income of families; and
the literacy level of your country.
Market: How big is the market for a simple consumer product priced at less than $5.00 designed for use in households?
Retailers: Identify one or more major retailer in your country who might distribute a consumer product. Include a description of this business.
E-commerce: Would online marketing be viable as a channel into the country? Explain.
Trade Shows: Do trade show opportunities exist in your country? Check with the Canada Business Service Centre for a listing.
Media: List the media sources for possible advertising opportunities e.g. radio stations, television stations, magazinesare these available in your country?
Regulations: Research the rules and laws governing advertising messages. How are they different from Canadian regulations?
Standards: Identify any labeling or product standards that you must consider in your country. How do they differ from Canadas requirements?
Shipping: Use two (2) shipping methods, Canada Post and an international courier such as FedEx, Purolator, DHL or UPS to determine the costs of shipping a 1-kilogram package of promotional materials directed at potential investors or advertisers to the capital of your country.
In a concluding paragraph, explain why marketing internationally is challenging for your chosen country