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Exploring Healthcare Systems Internationally

HCM 310 Project Guidelines Exploring Healthcare Systems Internationally
Within this research paper, you should explore a healthcare system of another country outside of the United States. You goal should be to give a thorough overview of what healthcare is like in your chosen country.

Your report should consist of an analysis of the healthcare system, to include the following minimum guidelines:
1)A brief description of the country itself: where located, population, topography and other items of interest.
2) The type of government and how the government relates to the healthcare system.
3) The various components of healthcare system/infrastructure and how it is financed.
4) Staffing of the healthcare system and how it is managed
5) The healthcare problems of the population
6) Strengths and weaknesses of the system
7) Where does your country rank in terms of health indices?
8) How is the system similar and different to the US system of care?
9) Any other unique aspects of the system (this will vary).
10) Based on your review, what recommendations do
you have for the country to improve their healthcare system?

Your grade will depend on the following:

Content (50%) – Literature review with body paragraphs supporting the topic in a logical manner; adequate coverage of topic; coverage of key aspects of the health care system. – You are required to submit this paper to Turnitin. Directions will be given for that process. You will only submit final version. You are responsible for making sure your project contains all the required elements. – Length of paper: no less than 2,000 words.

Format (20%) – Consistency; style, appearance – Absence of typos & grammatical errors. – Organization of paper; Appropriate paper divisions, (cover page, abstract, headings & subheadings).

Referencing (25%) – APA Style required (within your paper as well as ref. list at the end of paper) – 8 solid references (minimum) – Quality of references (refereed journal articles count the most; unauthorized web sources, the least) – Consistent referencing throughout your paper and also listed at the end. – WIKI, encyclopedias and your text will not be accepted as one of your required references, but you are encouraged to use them as sources and cite them appropriately.