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Exploring consumers’ willingness to disclose personal information on SVOD platforms for personalisation and key drivers that influence their decision.

Personalisation is when a brand tailors their products/services to the tastes of their customers based upon their individual preferences and information. Although there are many studies proving that personalisation marketing is an excellent way of building strong relationships between a company and their customers, other studies show that consumers might not be willing to share their personal information due to privacy concerns. It has been also found that online users’ decision making process is significantly different when they know about privacy rights and issues. Furthermore, many studies have looked into how beneficial it is for companies, but not much has been viewed through the consumers’ perspectives. When it comes to platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, they use intensive recommendation systems and personalised marketing to find what their users like to watch. However there are concerns where people are starting to look at it as a concern and invasion to their privacy. This research’s motivation is to look at consumers’ attitudes towards these streaming services and how personalisation impacts their decision making when it comes to subscribing to these services, and selecting which one to subscribe.