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Explore the concept of interprofessional teams and patient outcomes.

Week 5 Assignment: iCARE Paper (graded) This assignment will be uploaded automatically to Turnitin when you submit your assignment. Turnitin is now more closely integrated with Canvas. Overall, you will find Turnitin assignments easier to use, but the steps to submit an assignment have changed somewhat. Directions are as follows: 1. Click the orange Submit Assignment button at the top of the page to open the upload window. 2. Click on Choose File to select your assignment file you want to upload. 3. Check the box to agree to the Turnitin End-User License Agreement. 4. Click Submit Assignment. 5. Your Turnitin report will be visible in the Grades section of your course. TII file upload diagram Please refer to the pages below for more information about these changes. Turnitin Submitting a Paper (Links to an external site.) explains how to submit a file. Turnitin Assignment Student View (Links to an external site.) lets you submit a paper, then view feedback on the file you have submitted. Turnitin Viewing Instructor Feedback (Links to an external site.) helps you view your instructor feedback. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions. Purpose The purpose of the iCARE Paper assignment is to explore the concept of interprofessional teams and patient outcomes. Nursing supportive actions of compassion, advocacy, resilience, and evidence-based practice will serve as a way to apply care concepts. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO1: Applies principles of nursing, theories, and the care philosophies to self, colleagues, individuals, families, aggregates and communities throughout the healthcare system. (PO#1) CO6: Plans clinical practice activities that integrate professional nursing standards in accordance with the Nursing Code of Ethics and the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) standards of practice. (PO#6) Points The assignment is worth 200 points. Directions Please review the infographic as way to guide you in getting started with your assignment: Developing an Assignment with Integrity (Links to an external site.) Getting Started: Interprofessional teams are part of practice trends we see developing in all aspects of care delivery. Consider you own work environment (or recent clinical setting). For this assignment, consider the concept of interprofessional teamwork and patient outcomes. Look to your current workplace as an example. (If you are not currently employed, look to a past workplace or clinical practice area.) Apply the components of the iCARE concept to interprofessional teams in a short paper. (Body of the paper to be 3 pages) iCARE components are: C ompassion A dvocacy R esilience E vidence-Based Practice (EBP) How could you contribute to an interprofessional team and patient outcomes through nursing actions of: compassion, advocacy, resilience, and evidence-based practice? Select one scholarly nursing article from CINAHL as a resource for your paper. Additional scholarly sources can be used but are optional. Use APA format throughout, particularly in citations and on the References page. Please paraphrase throughout. One short quote is permitted. The prepared paper template is RECOMMENDED for this assignment. Download the assignment template here: iCare Assignment Template (Links to an external site.) A short tutorial with tips for completing this assignment may be viewed here: iCARE Paper (Links to an external site.) Elements of iCARE paper