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Explain why Sen theory of development considered as more broad, inclusive, and applicable to describe what development really is in the current world?

An Introduction to Economics of Developing Countries
Discuss or explain each question Try to give clear answer and if necessary, you may use any examples and/or theoretical justification to articulate your answer clearly. Your answers should be typed in 12 font size, 1.5 space, and proper lay out (maintaining the standard format) Short essay (nearly to 200 words), and long essay (nearly to 350 words) Discuss each question and the length of your answer can be short or long essay depending on the question type. 1. A. Development as it is described by Amartya Sen (1999) presents the strong relationship between qualitative and quantitative changes. How and please describe? B. Explain why Sen theory of development considered as more broad, inclusive, and applicable to describe what development really is in the current world? 2. A. Unlike growth concept of development involves a change of the entire society in the direction of the modernization ideals. Elucidate? B. Is modernization the same as westernization, and discuss the modernization ideals? (Discuss) 3. A. To transform the existing economic condition it is necessary that developing countries should have a strategy that enables to have a sustainable economic growth but growth by itself is not sufficient to the attainment of development, why? Elucidate. B. Does Sen description of development similar to the measurements of development recommended by UNDP-the human development index? Explain 4. A. Why GNP as indicator of growth faced a substantiating objective, and what are the mechanism used to overcome the problem? B. Why is development occurred as empirical studies often contradictory or ambiguous? 5. A. Why and how is the world divided ( first world and third world) and what is the importance of such categorization? B. Can developing countries catching up? Use any practical scenarios to justify? 2 6. A. What are the characteristics of the IEO, and explain three of the important characteristics? B. Despite the western expansion initiated by the Chinese, Muslim Sphere, and the Europeans the Chinese economic development stagnated but the Europeans expansion took over and they attained their intended target. Why, and discuss? 7. A. between 1870 to 1913 economic relations between rich countries and developing countries intensified but improvements in transportation and communication didnt help developing countries but rather served to maintain the economic development of developed countries , why, and discuss? B. The story about the IEO reveals the role of Western expansion in the formation of the modern world economy but is subject to arguments, Discuss the contrasting perspectives about this? 8. Considering the multidimensional indicators of development Brazil is known as a country of the future (the informal expression) but Bangladesh is often singled out as a country that attained better social indicators . In fact, some of the donors call it a country that move from a system of famine to a system of hope. What does this all mean and how do you think it happened, and what will be its impact on the countries future developments?