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Explain the shortcomings of the Whole Language/ Phonetic approach to spelling

Answer the following 3 questions. 1 page maximum per question.
(Size 12 Arial font 1.0 spacing) Submit via Turnitin on Blackboard.
Ensure your student number ID is on each page.
Question 1: (10 marks)
Congratulations, youve been appointed in a full-time role in a sought-after primary
school. You notice that teachers are mostly using grammar worksheets with inauthentic
text, underlining grammatical features etc. You ask your supervisor about it. She tells
you that if its a particular concern and interest of yours, you can deliver a presentation to
the literacy committee on how the school can improve its pedagogy. She tells you to
make sure you include research that supports what youre saying and practical strategies
to support teachers who may not have confidence or much of an understanding about the
function of language for making meaning.
Outline the key points of your presentation to the literacy committee in the form of a
persuasive text.
Question 2: (10 marks) Spelling in the curriculum approaches & strategies
Explain the shortcomings of the Whole Language/ Phonetic approach to spelling
exemplified by strategies such as LSCWC, and the affordances offered by a Linguisticrelational approach exemplified by strategies such as LFSWC.
Refer to any or all of the relevant readings in our unit: Adoniou (2014), Herrington
& Macken-Horarik (2015), Oakley & Fellows (2016).
Question 3: (10 marks) Grammar of appraisal
Read the text Harry Potter Jennys Blog (Appendix 1 at the end of this paper). Then,
answer the following questions about Jennys use of appraisal grammar: vocabulary
expressing attitude.
1. What is the language genre and social purpose of the text?
2. In which curriculum areas do you typically find this type of text?
3. How would you describe the tenor relationship between the writer and audience
include an example from the text to support your answer.
4. Give examples of wording which expresses Jennys attitude, i.e. her feelings,
judgements and opinions. Provide six examples, showing a mix of positive and
negative attitudes.
5. Give two examples of wordings that express feelings and opinions of people other
than Jenny (e.g. friends, other bloggers, etc.)
Appendix 1: Harry Potter Jennys Blog for Question 3
Well, I finally saw the last Harry Potter movie. It made me really sad to feel that it is over now.
My whole childhood has been spent with Harry and the gang. Does that mean I have to grow up?
Jamie and Adam were disappointed with the movie but I loved it. Sure theres a lot of violence.
The action sequences are really gruesome with all the fighting and lots of blood and gore. And of
course it was tragic when X died (I wont spoil it!!), even though it happened off camera I cried
and cried.
But even though it was a bit on the intense side, the movie still showed the characters developing
You get to see them growing up. Ron finally learns to trust that Hermione could actually love
such a nobody and Neville becomes a real hero. I hear some academic say that the characters
are one-dimensional but looking back over the whole series, I actually think they arent black and
white. JK always managed to keep me guessing about them. I thought the way Snapes true
character was revealed was brilliant.
I know some people on this forum have said that Harry Potter is too simplistic, but I for one dont
agree. There are quite complex and relevant themes like how ordinary people become powerful
through love and friendship and facing fear together. Maybe some of the books needed a bit of
an edit but on the whole I think JK is a great writer and describes the characters and places really
Ill miss looking forwards to having a new HP book and then a new movie to look forward to.
Wouldnt it be amazing to have a new series built around their kids? That last scene on Platform
9 made me want to start again. They may not be everyones cup of tea but Im sure Ill enjoy
rereading the books and re-watching the movies even when Im an old lady!
Source: Humphrey, Droga & Feez (2012)