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Examine various geological aspects of your environment.

InstructionsThis Activity is broken into 3 sections. For each of the activities, you will have to examine various geological aspects of your environment. Record your observations and answer the questions for each of the activities in the provided word document.Activity 1Go on a rock hunt! You will be gathering rocks from various locations (i.e. stream, road side, backyard, etc.). Collect at least six different looking rocks and classify them as either sedimentary, igneous, or metamorphic. What are the features of each of the different rock classifications and how did they help you classify each of your rock specimens?Activity 2Rocks are found almost everywhere! Even in the city, you are probably surrounded by more rock materials than you realize. Take a field trip down any city street and you will notice that most buildings are constructed from stone material. Many stone buildings are polished, providing an easy view of a rock’s mineral composition, texture, and hence its formation method. Is the rock composed of visible crystals? Are the crystals interlocking? Are the crystals flattened or deformed? What is the grain size? Support your classification with your observations.Activity 3Observe the buildings in your local area. Look at an older building, these structures were typically built from local materials. DO NOT USE BRICK! Ideally, you want to find a historical structure and look foe natural stone elements. The different rock types used in the construction of some buildings can tell you much about the local history. Is there a marble or granite quarry in your area? Try to trace the building to its origin.Please follow the instructions to this assignment and make sure you do everything CLEARLY, PROPERLY, ACCURATELY, CORRECTLY, AND EFFECTIVELY. I want this assignment to be a HIGH QUALITY A+ ASSIGNMENT. The file attached to this order is called “Rock Hunt Answer Sheet.docx”, please make sure you write everything on the document “Rock Hunt Answer Sheet.docx”. Thank you.