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Examine the associations between lower limb muscle performance characteristics and various function performance measurements.

Functional performance measurements are commonly used outcome measures in a Sport Rehabilitation setting. Poor performance in lower limb functional tasks such as hopping, bounding and jumping is associated with an increased risk of injury/re-injury. Understanding the determinants of lower limb functional performance informs practitioners on actions that can be undertaken to improve performance of these tasks. Therefore, the aim of this study is to examine the associations between lower limb muscle performance characteristics and various function performance measurements. Understanding any associations present may better inform clinical decision making in this area.In lay language, please provide details of:a) The design of the study (qualitative/quantitative questionnaires etc.)b) The proposed methods of data collection (what you will do, how you will do this and the nature of tests).c) The requirement of the participant i.e. the extent of their commitment and the length of time they will be required to attend testing.d) Details of where the research/testing will take place, including country.e) Please state whether the materials/procedures you are using are original, or the intellectual property of a third party. If the materials/procedures are original, please describe any pre-testing you have done or will do to ensure that they are effectivea) Cross sectional study designb) To complete this study the following measurements will be takenMeasures of participants physical characteristicsHeightHeight will be recorded in cm using a standard laboratory stadiometerWeightWeight will be recorded in kg using a standard laboratory scaleLimb lengthLeg length will be captured using a clinical tape measure. Participants will be positioned supine on a plinth. The distance between the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) and distal tip of the lateral malleolus will be measured. This distance will be recorded as the participant’s limb length.Warm upParticipants will complete a warm up which will include3 minutes on an exercise bike at 5-6/10 of the participant’s RPELunges x 10 repsSquats x 10 repsPogo jumps x 10 repsFunctional performance measurementsLower limb functional performance will be appraised using a range of hop tests.Single hop for distanceTriple hop for distanceTimed 6m hopAdapted cross over hopFigure of 8 hopSide hopMuscle performance measurementsMeasures of bilateral single-leg concentric knee extensor and flexor muscle performance will be recorded. Participants will be positioned appropriately on each machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions.Measurements of 1RM will be taken using the protocol as used by Kraemer et al. (1991).please also look at the documents provided as they are the marking grid and assessment brief.