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Evaluating Diagnostic Errors in the Healthcare Field

Please read the attached literature review: “Literature Review Zoar Hai”. Answer the 9 questions in regard to the author meeting the standards. PLEASE BE DETAILED WHEN ANSWERING QUESTIONS. In other words, write a peer review and provide positive constructive feedback to the attached literature review by answering the 10 questions below in regard to the attached literature review. doc. I don’t need you to write the paper from scratch. Just read the paper and answer the questions in the attached article on whether the author meets the criteria. There are 10 questions to be answered. Please answer the questions below in complete sentences.1). Is the problem evident and well defined? Explaino This includes the use of data to express the magnitude of the problem.2). Are the ideas and assumptions supported by the literature?o Discuss how well done and/or what can be improved.3). Are there clear connections between the literature and the topic? Discuss4). Are the studies clearly discussed (objectives, sample, methods, key results) along with their limitations? Discuss the analysis of the studies.5). Are the gaps in knowledge about this topic clearly stated and well supported by the review?6). Does the story/narrative flow? Discuss the connection and transitions between paragraphs and the organization.7). If a research question is proposed, is it rationalized well by the review and does it address a gap in knowledge highlighted by the author of the review? If no research question is stated, propose one to your classmate.8). Can you easily identify what type of research study your classmate would design to further study this problem, answer the research question, and contribute to scientific knowledge?9). Discuss and perhaps suggest ideas for a study.10). Any other ideas you want to share.