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Evaluate your understanding of thematic teaching, the project approach, the benefits of integrating curriculum, and the steps to follow to create a theme or project from start to finish.

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate your understanding of thematic teaching, the project approach, the benefits of integrating curriculum, and the steps to follow to create a theme or project from start to finish.Note that this is an extensive assignment, and a field experience is required. You will develop and implement a thematic plan. You will need to complete and summarize all 18 steps as listed in this lesson and Chapter 16 of your textbook (6th and 7th Edition), including Step 18, evaluation.Create and implement a thematic unit from start to finish, completing the 18 steps, and write a summary report to submit to your instructor. This plan should cover at least one week, as described in your textbook (see pp. 529‒530, 6th Edition or pp. 546 – 555, 7th Edition for an example). As you complete the 18 steps, consider breaking the assignment down into related sections (as done in your textbook and the lesson) and complete the assignment as described below:Part 1: Creating an Information Base (Steps 1‒3). In your summary report, describe your topic and subtopics, list reference books, identify whether this was a general overview or a more in-depth study of subtopic, and list 10 terms, facts, and principles (TFPs).Part 2: Developing Activity Ideas (Steps 4‒6). In your summary report, list at least one activity for each of TFPs. Be sure to include all six curricular domains and a variety of activities.Part 3: Making a Plan (Steps 7‒12). In your summary report, list the Arizona State Early Learning Standards in your lesson plans (one or more standards for each of the 10 activities). Describe any classroom issues and any adjustments to plans. Describe how a portion of group time is theme related. Finally, list ways used to enrich classroom environment.Part 4: Implementing the Theme (Steps 13‒18). As part of your field experience, you need to conduct at least three activities in your plan in an early childhood setting. In your summary report, describe how you carried out your plan, and how you assessed and documented children’s understanding and interest in the theme. Include how you helped children reflect on their understanding of thematic content and how you might extend the thematic unit. Explain how you would establish two-way communication with families about the theme. Finally, evaluate the theme using your checklist (p. 527, 6th Edition; p. 550, 7th Edition) and write about how you might alter your plan if you decide to repeat it later.Your summary report should be at least 500 to 700 words.After implementing your plans during the field experience, submit your summary report to your instructor.This Signature Assignment aligns with the following professional standards:Maricopa Community College Course CompetenciesArizona Professional Teacher StandardNAEYC StandardsCEC StandardsDemonstrate multiple pedagogical procedures for the same curriculum content.Use Arizona Early Childhood Standards to explain the components of early learning.Contrast how curricular content and instruction is organized in educational settings serving children aged birth to eight.Identify multiple assessment procedures and their relationship to early learning standards.Test elements of curriculum with young children.1,2,3,5,81,2,3,4,54,5,7,8Review the Signature Assignment RubricPDF to know how your instructor will grade this assignment. Review Submitting Assignments if you need help copying and pasting your assignment.Select the following link to submit your Signature Assignment. Select the submit button when you are ready to submit this assignment to your instructor: Lesson 8 Signature Assignment 2.Have You Met The Objectives For This Lesson?Copyright © 2019 Rio Salado College. All Rights Reserved.