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Evaluate the importance of hiring well-qualified employees.

Research the hiring process for your local police department. This will likely include minimum age and educational requirements, as well as any other type of minimum training requirements.
Give a brief synopsis of the minimum (and preferred) qualifications for an applicant, as well as the process an applicant will likely go through while getting hired (written exam, physical fitness test, etc.). Then, analyze and explain how you, as a hiring manager, would to select, the most well-qualified new officers while remaining within the confines of the law.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.

Module 4: Building Capacity: Hiring, Training, and Professional Learning
In this module, we will start by exploring the hiring process, including best practices in recruitment, testing, interviewing, and background checks. What was the hiring process when you got hired for a position? If you are currently in a criminal justice-related position, it was probably pretty intensive. For many criminal justice professions, a government body provides mandates on hiring processes, and as you will see throughout this module, many different criminal justice organizations have similar processes. From what you’ve experienced in your career, do you think the established hiring process does a sufficient job of selecting high-quality candidates? Why or why not?
Next, we will take a brief look at relevant employment laws. Though you will likely have a human resources person to consult with as you are recruiting and hiring new employees, it is always important to have a foundational knowledge of what you can and cannot legally do during the hiring process.
This module will conclude by examining the importance of, and best practices in, new hire training and continuous training for employees. As we work through this part of the module, think about what your training process was like. Did it adequately prepare you to do the job successfully? Did you receive the right amount of mentoring and support to make you successful? What did you like about your training process? What could have been done better? Do you continue to keep sharp skills by training regularly? As an effective criminal justice leader, it is important that you take into consideration your personal experiences, as well as research best practices, as you are supporting new and seasoned employees.
Learning Outcomes
Evaluate the importance of hiring well-qualified employees.
Analyze the role of recruitment in hiring well-qualified employees.
Discuss affirmative action and laws affecting employment.
Evaluate best practices in training new employees once hired.
Discuss the importance of ongoing training and learning.
For Your Success & Readings
This week we focus on staffing and training an organization. As you work through this module, think about good and bad coworkers you have worked with, as well as training opportunities that have helped, or would have helped, you to be a more productive employee.
For your discussion this week, you’ll be researching the hiring process used by your local police department. You’ll be asked to discuss the importance of hiring well-qualified employees. Consider age requirements, education, and training. Also, consider the application process so you can include what the applicant will need to accomplish, such as exams, fitness tests, minimum training requirements, etc. And then, as a hiring manager, you’ll be asked to determine how you would advertise, then select candidates. Keep in mind any legal or ethical considerations, such as affirmative action. Don’t discount the importance of ongoing training and learning.
Your initial discussion board posting is due by 11:59pm MT Thursday night, with at least two replies to other students by Sunday night at 11:59pm. You will also make a choice between two options for the final portfolio assignment, a milestone for which is due this week. Please take a look at the portfolio option that most interests you in Week 8 and complete the corresponding milestone this week. As you are completing the assignment, make sure to include all of the necessary components, as well as an adequate amount of critical thinking and analysis.
Chapter 6 in Management & Supervision in Law Enforcement
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