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European Union and Rest of the World economic, social and labour situation

Analyse one by one these countries of the EUROPEAN UNION: Italy, France, Portugal, France, Germany, Poland and Ireland. You have to talk about their economic situation, labour law situation and their social security situation. IMPORTANT IS THAT you talk about their economy 5 years ago, now and in the future 5 years. I need you to this which is very important. talk about what could be improved in the EU and how the economic growth is going.Once you have anlsye them I want you to analyse the European Union situation in general.Then you have to compare the countries I ahve given you and the EU situation with the economic situation of: India, South Korea, Canada, New Zeland, United States and Israel. For this countries as well yu will have to talk about them 5 years ago, now, and development in 5 years future. talk about how these coutnries are developing and compare them to the EU.I WANT YOU TO WRITE THE SOURCES OF EVERY SLIDE RIGHT UNDER EACH SLIDE ON THE SPEAKER NOTE!!!RESOURCES TO USE:- World bank;- Central banks of Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Poland and Ireland.- Statistic Baord- OECD- Look at govenrment’s websites- Wall street Journal- New York times-