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Environmental policy

The Logos section of the research essay is where you will present your actual research into the topic. It should explain the facts (including setting the record straight if the mythos section contains sketchy “beliefs”about your topic). Plan to write 800-900 words for this section and use at least 4 secondary sources.

You will find a series of lectures and handouts to help you navigate the research process. I will work with you one-on-one to help you do the best research you can.

1. Be aware of bias in sources. Choose sources that you can cite with confidence of being factual. If you introduce a biased source, acknowledge the slant. Create a works cited page where you list the full citation for each source.

2. Use the Busse Library resources to find reliable sources. You will be tempted to Google your topic. Don’t do that! Learn how to navigate the library databases, choose keywords for your searches, obtain the documents you need. The librarians are at work in Busse and have a live chat feature where you can ask for help while you are searching. Let them help you.

3. Integrating sources into your essay. This is YOUR essay, and you are using sources to provide data, facts, or testimonials that back up YOUR point. Most of the actual writing in this section should be in your voice. It is therefore important to know how to choose and insert the snippets of information into your paragraphs. Avoid long summaries of your sources. Focus on the specific facts you need to make your point.

4. Citing sources: you will learn to follow the conventions for citing sources in your essay and in a works cited page. Most of you will be required to know APA style for papers written in your major, and I will focus on that. If your major requires MLA let me know and I can adapt the lessons for you. Citing sources is necessary in order to acknowledge others’ contributions to your paper. Citing sources correctly gives your essay the professional polish it needs